Trusted Intelligence.

Data is the new oil, fueling everything around us. Digital information we produce through our smartphones and smart things has the potential to improve our daily lives and our communities, but can also be weaponized and abused.

One thing everyone agrees is that our data is a personal property that is treated unlike other assets. Existing business models and incentive systems have made it difficult for people to exercise sovereignty over their personal information.

At Atlys Networks, we are dedicated to changing the status quo through technology and business model innovation. Optimizing for people’s privacy and security helps us empower people to organize their data and transform into value for themselves and their communities.

Health and fitness, productivity and education, and environmental sustainability are the core areas that our platform is designed to improve. We hope that our products can inspire our communities to grow the platform into other areas that can benefit from data-driven solutions.

OUr values

  • Vested Sustainability

  • Data Sovereignty

  • Systematic Meritocracy

  • Knowledge Triangulation

  • Functionality > Formality

  • Process > Results