It all started WITH…

generations of storytellers, coming together, passing down lessons in the hopes that the future would be a better place. Throughout time, we’ve shared knowledge in different ways. All we had was our five senses and somehow that would have to make do. Our only source for sharing, the word of mouth to an ear. With the progression of time, humans began documenting their stories, first on stone, then on paper. Hundreds of years of information was preserved. Some made it to our classrooms, but most got lost along the way. Eventually we reached a place where the way we spread information would be stored forever, and nothing could be lost for good.

Our communication passages became shorter and began breaking borders. Whether it was across the world, or to other planets, it no longer mattered how far a message had to travel. Technology became an extension of our five senses, instead of spreading our knowledge through word of mouth, we found an outlet where we could store this knowledge in the form of data.

Everyone in today’s digital world is holding onto a great deal of data, little bits of information that make up who we are. In what looks like rows of numbers and letters on the surface, there is an indication for something much greater, a personal story. We’ve found a way to put this together through places we’ve been, pictures we’ve taken, messages we’ve sent, and knowledge we acquired along the way. Just like that, those arbitrary numbers on a screen in the form of data are simply an individual’s memories. If we can understand the importance of all our knowledge being collected over a span of time, we must also understand the importance of protecting it. With all our information accessible online, corporations have given themselves the clearance to use this data for their own gain.

We have essentially become involuntary digital miners, fueling a fire with little heat left for ourselves.

Our ancestors before us harnessed the power of collective intelligence to progress and advance humanity, so why shouldn’t we? Today, with all this technology in the palm of our hands, we should be able to unlock much more human potential. Momentary rushes of endorphins have monopolized our attention and clouded our ability to harness data for good.

What if we told you there was a way to protect your data and use it to improve your life and lives of people around you? What if we took your memories, and all your information and put it back into your hands again? What if, just like your five senses, you could gain control over your digital senses?

These were the fundamental questions we asked ourselves when starting this platform. Your data is created by you as an individual. Like an artist painting a portrait, your art is your intellectual property. Tomorrow, if you decided to sell this painting the companies that sold you the canvas and paint brush would have no authority to take credit for your art, or to take any profit from something you’ve created. The same goes for your data. Any data you produce should be treated as a personal asset belonging to you and not the companies providing you the technology. Sovereignty over your personal data is one of the core principles at Atlys Networks.

There is no stopping the growth of a digital world, however we can claim ownership of what is rightfully ours, and by doing so we can start gaining value from our data. We, the most curious of all species, are driven by discovery and exploration. Instead, our curiosity has been redefined as “attention” and exploited to maximize screen time. Curiosity, however, has the potential to fuel exploration of new insights and discover new knowledge. At Atlys Networks, this is our main goal.

How has Atlys made a platform where we can appeal to people who share these concerns? We have orchestrated a platform where individuals can store their data in a safe place, locally in the palm of their own hands. Through your phone your data gets encrypted and processed without unauthorized access. We have created a space where you have the freedom to personalize the value you gain from your data.


Every individual has the fundamental right to their data.

Everyone owns multiple technology products that are exponentially expanding how much data we produce. At Atlys Networks, we strive to design technology that helps people manage their personal information and access insights.

Our Purpose

Help people organize their personal data into intelligence and knowledge.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to empowering people to manage their data and transform into value for themselves and others.

OUr values

  • Vested Sustainability

  • Knowledge Triangulation

  • Process > Results

  • Data Sovereignty

  • Systematic Meritocracy

  • Functionality > Formality

Existing products and services are fundamentally designed to limit access and control over our data.


Digital Sovereignty

Data is one of the most valuable assets every individual produces on a daily basis and yet is it the only property we own that is left open for others to access and monetize.

Machine Bias

Bias in data samples, algorithms, and product design are the greatest obstacles hindering progress in areas such as healthcare, economics, transportation, and education.

Platforms and products can be fundamentally designed to empower people to gain control and access to their information.

Private by default

Users can choose from a wide range of options to collect data (e.g. phone, apps, wearables, and other connected services). Data is only stored in an encrypted database on the user’s smartphone.Users can customize and automate data collection, deletion, and back-ups.

Personalized value

Users can customize their dashboards with charts, reports, and programs available to install from an open library. Advanced data visualization studio allows users to create their own visualizations and reports.